It's in the Bag: What cool things are we toting this Summer?

The last few weeks have been hot by San Franciscan standards, somewhat alarmingly so. Leaving the house in the morning without a scarf and jacket tucked away for later has been liberating.  However, like some scientific based equation, we've found new "must have" items to fill our bags with.  

What are our THREE top items we've been toting to beat the heat? 


1. TiZO3 Mineral Based Sunscreen: This is my go to facial sunscreen that blocks out all the harmful rays.  It acts like a good primer under foundation and sometimes I wear it alone in place of make up.


2. L.Florem Collection, Pulse Point Roll-On Parfum, Flora Di Mare Stronger scents tend to hold up more in the heat and I like this white flower based parfum with sea salt and wood notes that keep it fresh and not overly floral.


3. Tatcha Aburatorigami Japanese Beauty Papers (Blotting Papers): There is a fine line between the fresh dewy look and too shiny.  A good blotting paper midday will keep you in check. 


1. elf Mineral Primer- It covers pores and locks makeup in place.

2. iPhone with Nicolas Jaar on SoundCloud

3. A Tupperware of frozen grapes as a sweet treat to cool off outside.