Wardrobe Basics: Does Your Bra Fit? Must Have Pieces and an Intimate Look at True&Co.

The first step in working with a new client is making sure they have the right foundation to build off.  For ladies that often means having the right support and underpinnings that are comfortable and enhance your natural shape.

Because finding the best fit for our clients is our focus we have been keeping tabs on SF based, True&Co. and their mission to revolutionize the way you shop online for lingerie. 

What we love about True&Co. is their focus that every woman has different needs in intimate wear and should feel beautiful. After a brief on boarding survey on their site you are assigned a point to where you fall on their color coded Fit Spectrum and given specific examples of their designs that may fit our shape.

So, when we had the opportunity to visit their headquarters for a custom fitting we jumped at the chance to see their full collection in person...and act as a product guinea pig for our clients (you are welcome).


Here are our findings from our in person fit session (and yes we did stay awhile--shout out Thank You to the team that helped us!!):

So, how did their automated online suggestions pan out in person? They were pretty accurate and suggested fits we historically have avoided but surprisingly worked! Noted, it was extremely helpful to be able to try a range of sizes in person to start instead of ordering two sizes as some styles ran small. Ordering online from now on will be a breeze since we have a sense of the general fit and fabrics.

Sizing: Currently True&Co. offers sizes ranging from 32a to 38dd/ee.

What impressed us:

  • Color and Style Selection
  • Quality of Lace
  • Design Details (many bras converted to racerbacks)
  • Products Hold Up to Wash and Wear

What we look forward to seeing in the future:

  • Better Color Matching Between Straps and Body Fabric (Admittedly we are a tough crowd! The Ballet Pink Bra we ordered was slightly off and gave the bra an "already lived in" look.)
  • More Matching/Coordinating Bra & Panty Sets in Seasonal Colors
  • The AMAZING Sports Bra that we tried on, but won't be available till this fall.
  • Fewer Seams in Their "Seamless" Hidden Hipster. We still prefer the Commando brand that only has one center back seam versus True's version with a center back seam and side seams.

Where to start?

Every woman should start with a good set of basics that will wear well under just about anything.  The best place to start would be a nude t-shirt bra and seamless underwear.  Both should be the invisible multi-taskers of your lingerie drawer.

When should I be fit?

If you already know your size and preferences, online via True&Co. or another retailer is a great place to begin.  However, if you haven't been fit in a while or have had a change (i.e. had a baby or lost more than 5lbs.) we recommend you go for an in person fitting. Nordstrom and Bloomingdales have trained fitters that can help you find your correct size which save time and money in the long run.

Stay Stylish,

Kimberly & Megan

Posted on August 13, 2015 and filed under Tips & Tricks.