Day 1 - Let the Challenge Begin!

Ok so today is Day 1 of our 31 Days of Style Challenge. Even though I am not seeing clients today, so I can dress more on the casual side, I still felt a bit of pressure when I was choosing my outfit. It can almost be compared to going on vacation and you don't want to wear your best outfit too early or waste on a "whatever" day. 

After some coffee and deliberation, I landed on this:

Megan's Day 1 look for Canvas Styling 31 Days of Style Challenge

The Look:
*All Saints t-shirt
*DL cropped jeans
*Metallic silver flats
*Bright pink lipstick for a pop of color

I wonder how Chanel and Kimberly are doing?


Posted on July 1, 2015 and filed under Capsule Dressing.