Stress-Free Spring Closet Cleaning

Tips for cleaning your closet

There’s more to spring cleaning than tossing your winter clothes into the back of your closet and calling it a day. It’s a good opportunity to go through your entire closet and see what's working, what you aren't wearing anymore and what can be put away until Fall. So in the spirit of out with the old and in with the new, here are our 5 stress-free steps for cleaning out your closet.

1.     Assess your current style and how it translates through the clothes in your closet. If you've become less boho and classic, it may be time to replace those long flowy skirts for tailored pants.

2.     If you haven’t worn it in at least two years, then it is time to let it go. We always tell ourselves we may need it one day, for that one event, but chances are it will just end up sitting in your closet for another 2 years.

3.     Hold on to heirloom pieces. We all have those special pieces that we don't always (or ever) wear, but we just can't get rid of. For example, that dress you wore on your honeymoon or the vintage blouse that belonged to your mom. Take any heirloom pieces from your closet and store them in an airtight bin. This will help preserve them and free up room in your closet. 

4.    Ditch wire for wood. Wooden hangers are more gentle on you clothes and preserve their shape for longer. Plus, while you're busy swapping hangers you will get a good look at what's hiding in your closet.

5.     Organize by category. Organize your closet so that all of your pants, shirts, skirts, etc. are arranged together. Then take it one step farther and organize each category by color. It may be time consuming at first, but it save time later when you aren’t digging around for your favorite top

Now tell us... What are your secrets to making spring cleaning easy?

Posted on April 9, 2015 and filed under Tips & Tricks.