You Know You're A Stylist When...

The 5 Signs When You Know You Are A Personal Stylist 

1.     You stop random people on the street to fix their outfit
     Kimberly- I see a lot of people walking around with unreleased pleats. PSA--there should be no visible "X's" on your pleats.  It makes designer's REALLY sad and is like walking out the door with the hanger still in your jacket.

2.     You offer your opinion to strangers shopping in stores… unsolicited
     Kimberly - When I was on vacation in Dublin, I was stopped by a woman shopping for a dress who wanted a second option.  I was happy to help, I must give off the stylist vibe.

     Megan - I just did this the other day in Saks. A woman was trying on a pair of rag & bone heels and before I knew what I was doing I walked over and suggested she try the flats instead. 

3.     You are in certain stores so much you think (and act) like you work there.
     Kimberly- I've had some sales associates ask me where a certain item is located in the store.  I could probably draw merch planograms for most of the retailers in SF.

    Megan - I've been known to undress a mannequin without asking permission first. In my defense I need the size it had on and didn't want to bother anyone.

4.     You talk to the sale’s associates at Bloomingdale’s more than your family.
     Megan - My store contacts are like rockstars to me. I literally wouldn't survive without them. Though I am sure they could survive without my 8am texts asking if a certain item has arrived. 

     Kimberly - I'm so thankful for my network of contacts they help make magic happen. And yes, I've graduated to pure emoji texts with some.   

5.     You have actual conversations with clothes.
      Megan - I constantly talk to clothes when I am in stores pulling for a client. "Ooh you're pretty!" or "Yes, you are coming with me!" People must think I am crazy!


Posted on April 27, 2015 .