Q&A With Canvas

Kimberly and I could not be MORE excited to announce the official launch of Canvas Styling! Since personal styling is, well, a personal experience, we thought is would be fun to play a little Q&A so that you could get to know us better.

Let's do this!

1. Describe yourself in 3 words?
Megan:  Ugh! Maybe Kimberly can do this for me! 

Kimberly: Megan = Colorful, fun with a pinch of moxie.  Okay Megan, your turn!

Megan: This is hard! Kimberly is thoughtful, creative and has a sense of humor that sneaks up on you when you least expect it!

2. What made you want to be a stylist?
Megan: I've always been drawn to fashion and style. I was always playing dress up with my Nana's clothes and wigs. I like to say that the same way a chef can look at a bunch of ingredients and create a meal, well I can look at clothes and create outfits (and for the record, I can't cook!).

Kimberly: It was inevitable I suppose.  My mom often made my clothes when I was little and I had a natural curiosity about making things. I also devoted a lot of time to our dress up box growing up.  I staged a fashion show one year with all of my cousins as the models.

2. What's your favorite part about being a stylist?
Megan: Working with people! I love all of the different personalities and seeing someone's personal style start to come out after just a few hours together. For me, it's really fulfilling to see someone walk away feeling good!

Kimberly: There are many things I love about what I do. The best is the moment I see a client see themselves in the mirror a new way. People can literally change before your eyes. That, and I love beating the retail system with a good bargain...I have been called a sale ninja...

3. How many items are in your closet?
Megan: Hmm, not as many as you would think. Maybe less than 100. I have a very edited closet and have been trying to invest in pieces that will last rather than just something that's instant gratification. 

Kimberly: Living abroad and in San Francisco has taught me the beauty of "less is more."  I challenge myself to have a shockingly minimal wardrobe of good quality things and wear most of what I own regularly.  I walk a lot in the city, so shoes are likely my weak spot. I own a lot of flats 

4. Finish this sentence: “I never leave home without my . . . ”
Megan: Headphones. I am always listening to music or talking to my sister while I am out and about hitting the stores.

Kimberly: Jacket--I'm always cold and often when I leave the house in the morning I'll likely be coming home in the fog.

5.  Biggest guilty style-related pleasure?
Megan: When I find a piece I've been lusting after and it is on super sale. It makes the wait worth it!

Kimberly: When traveling I try to make one style purchase so I can wear the memory later...memorable pieces often find me.

6. Three things everyone should have in their wardrobe:
Megan: This is both both men and women - a good basic cotton tee, a perfect fitting pair of denim and a well-tailored blazer. And LOTS and LOTS of accessories!

Kimberly: I am totally with Megan on this one: a good fitting pair of jeans, cotton tee and blazer go a long way.  I'd add a great shoe...it can elevate or change a look instantly.




Posted on March 16, 2015 .