Trends We're Ready to Leave in 2015

Trends come and trends go. And then some trends overstay their welcome. In the spirit of a new year, here are the trends that we are ready to leave in 2015 and what we are most excited to see in 2016.

1. Dark burgundy lips- "It's too goth 1990's."
2. Nail art- "Sometimes a naturally manicured hand is just as pretty."
3. Crop tops- "They've over-saturated the market compared to the number of people that can pull off the look."

"Winter white and a rosey natural face. There's beauty in simplicity."

1. The Coachella look- "Style should be an individual expression, not a mass movement."
2. Overly distressed denim- "Jeans should not be hanging on by a thread... plus aren't your legs cold?"
3. Over-contouring your face- "Putting on makeup should not require a paint by numbers grid."

"Structured clothing. After seasons of seeing everything loose and baggy, I'm looking forward to cuts that show off the body."