New PODCAST: Finding Your Favorite Jeans with Howard Gee of AB Fits


In our latest podcast we sat down with local denim expert Howard Gee at his North Beach Store, AB Fits, to talk about our shared affinity for indigo twill, finding the perfect denim and what's happening in Menswear this Fall.

We had no shortage of content here! AB Fits is celebrating this year 25 years of business which translates to a wealth of denim knowledge. We decided to split our Podcast into two segments by topic. Don't miss the second segment for what to look for in selecting a good pair of jeans---and an answer to the hype about Japanese Twill!

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Listen to PART I-

The ABFit Experience, Finding Your Fit & Denim Trends

Listen to PART II -

The ABFit History, Japanese Twill and Finding Quality


Posted on November 2, 2015 .