Jigsaw Spotlight: Canvas Styling

We are excited to be featured on the blog Jigsaw Says, as part of their Style Spot Light on SF Fashion Duos They Love!!

Click here to read more along with a fun Q&A...including what our Spirit Animals are. Can you guess?


Meet: Canvas Styling


Megan and Kimberly of Canvas Styling discuss collection favorites, and conceptualize upcoming photoshoots.


Megan looks picture perfect in her favorite Jigsaw piece, the Ombre Coat.


Megan Zatko

Nickname: Meggie

Spirit animal: Butterfly

Favorite movie: Arthur (the original with Dudley Moore!)

Last song you listened to: “Breathe Me” – Sia

Describe your perfect work/creative space: In front of big, open windows with the sun shining. At a table- a desk feels too restricting. No clutter!

Who/what inspires your style? My Nana, watching people on the street, and seeing what people are doing with everyday pieces.

Wardrobe staple: Vintage gold bangles- I never take them off!

Go-to Autumn piece: Black riding pants, oversized men’s cashmere sweater.

Favorite AW15 Jigsaw piece: Ombre Coat!

Kimberly Gant

Nickname: Kimber

Spirit animal: Antelope

Favorite movie: Amelie

Last song you listened to: “Crystals” – Of Monsters and Men

Describe your perfect work/creative space: A blank white canvas: all white with flowers or something green with good natural light.

Who/what inspires your style? San Francisco’s focus on constantly innovating- no day is the same, why should fashion be? I love classics- designers that had a strong sense of self, but were not afraid to flirt with the unknown.

Wardrobe staple: A black cashmere scarf!

Go-to Autumn piece: My oxblood leather jacket.

Favorite AW15 Jigsaw piece: Satin Back Crepe Camisole


Posted on October 12, 2015 .