Organization Tips To Keep You Sane All Holiday Season

Halloween is now behind us and in the world of retail that means we are officially in Holiday Season.

Between celebrating with friends and family and keeping up with life's demands it is easy to get caught in a backlog of "stuff."

To help jumpstart the holiday season we've given you a list of guidelines to help keep things in order and some of our favorite beauty "hacks" to make the holidays much more merrier.

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The Three "R"s of Organization

Reduce - It's time to get real here friends.  That pottery piece that you made in Summer Camp is sweet and a fun memory--but it is not pulling its weight.  Real Estate is expensive in San Francisco, and if it isn't paying its rent--its time to let it go! Start with what you do know, what you use everyday and back into your space from there.

Reflect-Give yourself a few days to think through those items that you are not using at the moment, but you "never know when you might need them." If they are not a true seasonal item, send them to a new home where someone can enjoy them.

Repurpose--Use what you have and think of new ways to use it. This is where the organizational hack blooms in all its glory. That bookshelf magically becomes a shoe organizers and nightstand.


1.) Easy to Find Hairbands

2.) Repurposed Toothbrush Holder

3.) Store Small Earrings Together

4.) Store products by category in a drawer organizer

Photo: Kathleen kamphausen


5.) Keep Styling Tools On Hand with Adhesive Hooks.

Posted on November 4, 2015 and filed under Tips & Tricks.