Thursday Tips: How to Pick the Right Fabric for Your Suit

We love a man in a good suit. Living in San Francisco, workwear trends more zipped-up (a la hoodies and jeans) than buttoned-up. We still encourage all of our male clients to own at least one well-tailored suit. 

Today we thought we'd give a shout out to all of the men still sporting a suit and tie with a quick guide on how to choose the right suit fabric for your lifestyle.

If you're a businessman:
Opt for a suit that's made from wool. The most common suit fabric, wool suits are great for job interviews, the office and important meetings. In the summer, try a lightweight wool that will breathe.

If you're rocking a hipster vibe:
Corduroy has your name all over it. Go for a slim cut since corduroy can add bulk. We love it because it's ultra comfortable, lasts forever and is great in poor weather. Go for gold by adding a cardigan.

If you're a statement-maker:
We have one word for you: PLAID! You can find it in a range of fabrics from cotton to flannel. Choose the style that resonates most with you, whether it's a big, bold plaid or a small houndstooth. And don't worry, plaid will never go out of style.

If you're a preppy gentleman:
Seersucker is the name of your game. Seersucker is the perfect summer weight suit. And it's evolved over the years so you can find it in a variety of styles including navy on navy.

If you're a tech guy:
Chances are you won't be needing a suit outside of wedding season, which spans late-spring through summer. Go for a great lightweight cotton chino in khaki and make it your own by pairing with a graphic t-shirt and flip flops.

Posted on October 22, 2015 and filed under Menswear.